transform your vacation rentals

with our simple and custom mobile interior design application

White label

The app is branded with your logo and is customized with furniture, appliances, flooring, decorations, and accessories from multiple vendors that suit your needs.

Customized marketing video

To market your value added interior design service we provide you with a marketing video and a link to your custom website where your homeowners can sign up and/or download the app.

Decrease costs, increase sales

A clear & simple way of communicating and tracking costs of complex interior design projects. Increase sales & occupancy rates by transforming your homes into ones that are more highly desirable.

concierge service

working with you and your property manager
to transform your vacation rental home


When you sign up we will match you with one of our interior designers and they will work with you to figure out your budget, what items you would like to keep in the room and more.

The designer will also work with your property manager to get dimensions of the room.

Hassle free

In 3 days our interior design staff will send your interior design concept with links to purchase. We can work with your property manager to ship and update your rooms.

DME will work with your property manager to obtain a picture of your new improved room that can be enjoyed.

interior design to go

turn your room into its own inspiration photo

Upload an inspiration photo of a room that you would like to have recreated with similar items. We assign one of our interior design trained staff to find similar items to replicate the room that you like.

In 3 days our interior design trained staff will send you link of shopping cart with pictures and links of the items you can purchase.